Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Caramelized tomatoes

by Karolina, 10th September 2012

I love tomatoes!
For their sweetness, amazing colour and versatility. I'm great fan of it from caprese to gazpacho.

So it was just natural that I had to try this:

Caramelized tomatoes!!!

Yes, I thought it was a bit of a crazy idea at the beginning. But longer I thought of it more logical (after all it's fruit) and more tempting it was. 

The original recipe and idea comes from Ronelle from My French Kitchen. She makes lovely tomatoes lollipops.

And really it couldn't be easier - simply make caramel and dip your tomatoes :)

Melt 100g of sugar with couple of spoons of water. Do not stir! Just move your pan so the sugar melts evenly. Once caramel is nice and golden (be careful not to burn it!) carefully dip your tomatoes and turn around to cover all of it. Sprinkle with sea salt.

Important - you have to work quickly , otherwise the caramel will harden (if it happens gently reheat the caramel).
Caramel will create lovely, crunchy texture on top of your tomatoes.

My tomatoes were part of the dinner appetizer. I presented it together with basil olive oil, goat cheese covered in almonds & good baguette.

I loved it. Really! Sweetness, different textures, quirky look. For me perfect!

What do you think?


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