Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At sea...

by Karolina, 28 February 2012

It's the end of our winter in the south of Europe (I'll write about it in a few weeks).
This means saying "goodbye" to the sea. We're going back to our sea-less country.
I will miss fresh fish straight from the fisherman's boat, sound of waves & seagulls and smell of the sea...

Unfortunately it's too cold for the seaside party now... if not, I'd love to organize some dinner on the beach.
I'm really inspired by these:
1.Intimate beach party via Martha Stewart 
2.So easy, so beautiful - seashell fairy lights
3.Exquisite beach wedding via Green Wedding Shoes 
4. Yes, it is Golden Bridge in the distance - this absolutely amazing dinner party is from Oh Happy Day
And what would we eat on my imaginary, perfect seafront party?
Of course - seafood. I'm huge fan of any sea creatures on my plate. Squid, octopus, mussels, shrimps, fish - Yes, please!

1.Appetizer - Crab and salmon puffs via ADORA's Box
2. For starter seafood skewers via Spanish Recipes
3.Main course - time for bouillabaisse via FOODijimoto
4. Sea salt truffels - yum! via Pioneer Woman
Goodbye sea...will miss you...

Sunday, February 26, 2012


by Karolina, 26th February 2012

Today's post is inspired by the photos I made in the last weeks.
I was inspired by the beautiful sunset we were lucky to watch every day for the last two months.
I noticed how every day the sunset is slightly different. And I made a picture of it. Little documentation of the everyday beauty that is in front of us but not always noticed. A little reminder for myself, that in every day something moving and amazing can be found...
I know, sunset can be a little kitschy, a staple seen on thousands of postcards. I can't help it though, I'm mesmerized by all the colours. Reds, oranges, yellows, sometimes pinks & purples...

Food & drinks inspired by the sunset:

1.Blood orange & pomegranates cupcakes via The Cilantropist
2. Oscar buzz cocktail via Aida Mollencamp
3.Roasted red pepper hummus via
4.Beautiful flower-like Orange and almond tart via There's a neft in my soup

1.Grapefruit creme brulee by Foodess
2.Blood orange & Clementine salad via OneTribeGourmet
3.Salmon mousse by Cooking Melangery
4.Panna cota with mango gelee by Anhsfoodblog
Do you like the sunset?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Award-worthy food&drinks

by Karolina, 23rd February 2012

As promised, I'm coming back with more Oscars' party inspirations.
This time food and drinks.

What to prepare for party that your guests would feel like Holywood movie stars?
What drinks to serve so they wouldn't mind that guy next to them is not Brad Pitt? ;)

1. Golden cake - what's better for Oscars? {image: photography by heather waraksa for style me pretty via This is Glamorous}
2.Sweet and salty stars for star-studded party via Momtastic
3. These are definitely award-winning cookies by wonderfully creative Bakerella
4. Movie party without popcorn - not possible. Try the glamorous popcorn by Flagrantedelicia

1. Champagne and star via FoodNetwork
2. Stricktly speaking, not really a drink, but close enough.Champagne Jelly with Blueberries & Pomegranate via Australian Food
3.Sorbet + Bubbly = Perfection by Valley & Co.
4.Champagne with eldelflower and GOLD- perfect! from via Tastespotting
 For even more inspirations check out movie-themed menus over at Epicurious.

Have a great, red carpet party! You're a STAR :)

And the award goes to....

by Karolina, 23rd February 2012
....Best Oscar party!

Oscars fever is on. Do you watch it? Or guess who'll win or check the dresses and parties afterwards?
Me too.. :)
When I was a teenager I used to watch the Oscars on TV every year. Taking that I live in Europe, it meant waking up in the middle of the night. I was putting my alarm clock on, having flask of tea and some cookies ready. And then for a few hours I was under the spell of Hollywood magic :)

Now every year I'm thinking about throwing Oscars party. Still didn't happen...
But I will be prepared when it comes to it.
I gathered for you (and myself) plenty of party inspirations for amazing Oscars party.

Check these amazing parties, maybe you'll be inspired enough to throw one yourself..

My winner is set of amazing Oscars parties from Twig & Thistle
Absolutely amazing and creative ideas...and even can dowload printables for free - updated ballot cards, popcorn bags and even Oscar statuette. I told you - AMAZING!  Big thank you Twig&Thistle for inspiration and gorgeous printables!
Head to their website NOW to start your glamorous party planning.
It was a difficult choice, because the competition is tough...
Look at this elegant but modern, black and yellow party by Hostess with The Mostess

And you know what? There are printables available as well. If you love the colour combination (like I do) and all the lovely details, click here to see all the goodies at HWTM now.
 And that's NOT all Folks...
A few more inspirations from lovely blogs:

1. Oscars' Bingo! by How about Orange
2 & 3. Check out these cute tuxedos :) Printable available over at How about Orange. Yay!
4. Very elegant Oscars party by BBB
 So your Oscar goes to?
Which is your favourite Oscars' Party?

What's a party without food & drinks though...Stay around - award-winning ideas and inspirations coming soon
To be continued... :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you flipping today?

by Karolina, 21st February 2012
I don't know how about you, but I'm flipping today....flipping pancakes :)
It's Shrove Tuesday a.k.a Fat Tuesday a.k.a Mardi Gras a.k.a PANCAKE DAY!

You should be having your pans ready and wrists warmed up...
Unless of course you're rehearsing  samba in Rio... Or running half naked in New Orleans... or...
But really, there shouldn't be any excuse - pancake today is a MUST.

So tell me, what do you like your pancakes with.
Savoury or sweet?
I can't really decide , so I'm going with both :)

Below a few of my favourites


1. Ratatouille on crepes via DineAtHome
2. Mushroom cheese crepe via 2Stews
3. Cheeseham & egg crepe by Crustabakes
4. Beggar's Purses via PhamFatale
5. Pancakes with smoked salmon via Breakfast at Tifanny's

1.Amazingly cute lace pancakes via Uno de Dos
2.Chocolate cardamon pancakes with orange glaze via Nesting Project
3. Ricotta, lemon & poppyseed pancakes via IowaGirlEats
4.Amazing pancakes cake from The Galley Gourmet
5.Blueberry pancake with caramel souce and ice-cream via The Heart of Food
 Which one is your favourite?

Happy flipping!

Monday, February 20, 2012

More confetti?

 by Karolina, 20th February 2012

Did you have enough confetti yet?
I hope not...

Today, I'm going to show you some more. This time edible confetti...

Looks at these wonderful jewels:

1. Birthday cake batter milkshake by The Naptime Chef on Babble
2. Gorgeous cakepops by 20something Cupcakes
3. Raspberry Confetti Kisses via Easybaked
 Are you feeling that we're little bit over the top with sweets? Your sugar level went up just by watching these photos?

Don't worry, I found something really great:

These beauties are poached apples in confetti jelly - cute & healthy.
Check the recipe at Taste of Beirut
 I hope I inspired you "confettiliciously".
Bon appetit!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confetti & end of Carnival

This weekend marks the last days of Carnival. In most of countries it means one thing.....

This year we're away from our normal environment which means no friends around to party with..but we can observe how Carnival and partying is being done somewhere else.
This weekend we had a chance to see Greek carnival in a town of Igoumenitsa.
And it was not much different to elsewhere - loud music, food, drinks, people dressed up (mostly kids) as pirates & princesses, tigers & even mermaid has been spotted. And most of all....
Tons of it in all the colours of the rainbow.
And here in Confetti & Cookies we love confetti (doh :))
Check out some "confettilicious" pictures below.

How do you like it?
And how do you spend your Carnival weekend?

Maybe you'll add some confetti into your life? (or Confetti&Cookies :))

Stay tuned for more inspirations...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doughnut Day - 16th February

How many doughnuts have you eaten today?
Well, you're not Polish then :)
It's so called Fat Thursday in Poland today. This is similar to Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras...only it's on Thursday before. It is a traditional Polish and German feast marking the last Thursday before Lent. It's the last moment before Lent to loosen the belt and celebrate Carnival while eating and drinking.
In Poland it's associated with one thing - Doughnut. All shops and bakeries  are adorned with big stacks of fresh doughnuts. Big, plump & proud with their lighter belt in the middle (sign of a good and masterly fried doughnut).
And even people on the diet can't resist the tempation of nice, although a bit naughty doughnut - it's Fat Thursday after all!

Would you make a plunge and try frying a few yourself?
If so, check the links I gathered for you.

1. Nutella Doughnuts -match made in heaven :) by Sips&Spoonfuls
2. Vanilla Ricotta Doughnuts - if you fancy something little bit less naughty from A Cozy Kitchen
3. Meyer Lemons Doughnuts - mmmmm, sweet and little tangy brought to us by: Flour Child
4. Or maybe savoury doughnut? Why not to try Cabbage Vada straight from Rak's kitchen?

Sunday, February 12, 2012



After months of thinking and weeks of preparations I finally DID IT.
I started a blog.
My own little space in virtual universe!


Because I wanted to share my passions
Because I needed a place to keep my inspirations
Because maybe there are others out there who would enjoy this ride with me

Or maybe just because I read too many blogs & wondered if I could do it as well...

Are you ready then?
Here we go...
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