Sunday, February 19, 2012

Confetti & end of Carnival

This weekend marks the last days of Carnival. In most of countries it means one thing.....

This year we're away from our normal environment which means no friends around to party with..but we can observe how Carnival and partying is being done somewhere else.
This weekend we had a chance to see Greek carnival in a town of Igoumenitsa.
And it was not much different to elsewhere - loud music, food, drinks, people dressed up (mostly kids) as pirates & princesses, tigers & even mermaid has been spotted. And most of all....
Tons of it in all the colours of the rainbow.
And here in Confetti & Cookies we love confetti (doh :))
Check out some "confettilicious" pictures below.

How do you like it?
And how do you spend your Carnival weekend?

Maybe you'll add some confetti into your life? (or Confetti&Cookies :))

Stay tuned for more inspirations...

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