Thursday, August 23, 2012

Picture-worthy breakfast - Eggs + Sage

by Karolina, 23rd August 2012

It all started with this...

This lovely big bunch of fresh sage. You should probably know that fresh sage is not easy to come by where I live. So when I saw it on the farmers market I immediately grabbed a bunch.
And lovely it was indeed. It worked wonders on pork, added to baked vegetables,with chicken and other combinations that week.

However...being a fresh herb it was deteriorating rather quickly and I had to use it up before it lost its glory :)

So there it was, my picture-worthy breakfast.
Simple and quick, and well..yummy :)

Scrambled eggs with sage.

Sage leaves first gently fried on butter to release all herby goodness.
Tnen obviously eggs, salt and pepper and that's it. And that's enough.
Nothing else is needed (OK, maybe a slice of good bread).

Believe me, it was really tasty...Actually don't believe me - try it for yourself!
How little leaf can make a huge difference (one little step leaf  :))

So yes, there's not much else you can do - straight to get some sage and eggs and making breakfast (have it even for dinner if you wish :))

And guess what...when I went to the market week after, they didn't have sage anymore!

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