Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer entertaining

by Karolina, 19th August 2012

I love having friends over for dinner, I really enjoy preparing bigger parties and I especially adore summer entertaining. With long evenings, friendly weather and bountiful of produce summer entertaining is definitely the most enjoyable.
I try to keep menu simple - nobody feels like eating roast dinner when it's hot outside!
So I stick with salads, cold platters, cold soups (you'll see some later this week), fresh fruits.

Today, I wanted to show you a classic...

Watermelon + feta + basil

The best of summer really - fresh sweet fruit, salty cheese which reminds us holidays in Greece and beautiful green basil.

If I prepare a buffer I would just cube cheese and watermelon and hold them together with basil using a toothpick. This is the version you can see today.
Finish it off with fresh pepper and sprinkle of olive oil for the best taste.

Don't you just love the colours? Vibrant and fresh - definitely perfect for summer

You can as well cut out different shapes out of watermelon, or prepare bigger portions if serving as a starter for dinner party.

So, go on - prepare these tiny morsels of summer before it's gone!

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