Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rose honey

by Karolina, 12th August 2012

My mum's birthday was approaching and I was wondering what special gift I could make for her.
Something she could enjoy even days after her birthday. Something that she wouldn't have to share with the rest of the family...Tough one, right?
I thought so too...but then I found this amazing post on one of my favourite blogs-Kucharnia (do visit it - it has it all -stunning photos, beautiful words and mouth-watering recipes) .
And then suddenly everything was clear :)
I was sorted - that was it!

Two ingredients needed - so simple yet so magically beautiful.
Honey + Roses...

Rose honey..delicately scented, feminine, sweet - just perfect!

The process is extremely easy. The most important here is the quality of ingredients.
The best honey you can get and lovely flowers. Make sure that roses are untreated (you do not want chemicals in your honey, do you?)

Just mix honey (I used about 200g) with rose petals (amount of roses would depend on their size, I used 2 bigger ones).

And then just give it time. Before you tightly close the jar make sure you take a sniff or two.
It's just divide smell - sweetness of honey with this amazing flowery smell of roses. Mmmmm..

Give it a day or two for the scent to penetrate the honey. You can either remove the petals afterwards or keep them in honey (the will be wilted though so not such a stunning look).

And then just enjoy (I hope my mum enjoys it too) - on your bread, in yoghurt, in cup of tea, with your simple bundt cake...

Let the rose honey enchant you!


  1. Karolino! Ależ piękny pomysł! Cieszę się, że częściowo stał się też moim udziałem:) Śliczne zdjęcia!
    Pozdrawiam Cię:)

    1. Dziekuje slicznie!Ciesze sie, ze Ci sie podoba-bylas zdecydowanie muza :) Dziekuje za inspiracje i cieple slowa!Pozdrawiam!


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