Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cheery cherry...

by Karolina, 26th June 2012

I love cherries! For me they symbolize summer.
I'm mesmerized by their colour - rich, dark and deep burgundy.

Actually most of the time I don't prepare them anyhow, don't bake them (maybe occasionally making clafoutis) or cook them...just eat them fresh.
However, inspired by some recipe I saw online (of course, I can't find it now - I'll credit as soon as I find it), I decided to try something new. Cherry smoothie...

I've used a lot of fruits for smoothies before: strawberry, raspberry, banana, mango, blueberry...but never tried cherry! Why? No idea...
So it was a time to try it.

Cherry smoothie:
- good handful of cherries
- milk (to fill)
- 1 tsp honey (or 1 tsp sugar)
- dash of cocoa

Pit the cherries, blend them until smooth, add milk, honey (sugar) and little cocoa (for extra taste). Blend again until all mixed.

What came out of it? Nice, soft, refreshing smoothie with little chocolatey taste in the background.

But being myself...I decided to play with it a bit and create little more boozy version for summer evening cocktail...and that's how Cheery Cherry came to life! :)

Again, all blended and mixed in until smooth.

I ended up having nice, smooth, womanly, soft cocktail - perfect for summer evening. Cherries added extra "zing" to this cocktail.

If you prefer "virgin" version or boozy one - give it a try!
And hurry up - cherry season is not lasting forever :)

Cheery Cherry:
- good handful of cherries
- 1cl Malibu or other coconut liqueur (you can change the amount of alcohol depending on your preference - to make it lighter or stronger)
- milk (to fill)
- 1 tsp sugar syrup
- dash of cocoa

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