Sunday, June 3, 2012

God Save the Queen...

by Karolina, 3rd June 2012

...or how I celebrate Diamond Jubilee.
A lot of you probably know that this year marks 60 years of Queen Elisabeth's reigns in Great Britain. The main events are happening this weekend and spilling into next week when British are enjoying extra 2 days of holidays. Although I don't live in UK anymore, I decided to have a small Diamond Jubilee celebration. Any occasion for celebration is good, isn't it? :)
So, I looked around for some inspirations.And I found this gorgeous cake on  BBC Good Food website.
It was just perfect for my Jubilee party.
Unfortunately I ran out of time and some ingredients, so I had to improvise and change a recipe but the general idea stayed the same.
I was creating the flag! :)

Yep, this is it.
Original recipe calls for sponge cake with icing cream. As I ran out of eggs and time I made it with waffles, layers of custard with whipped cream on top covered with berries (strawberries and blueberries) to create the pattern of Great Britain flag.
I agree that version with sponge would have been nicer and more practical to eat. Next time I would just try the original recipe. However, I think it was good enough and this cake definitely has the looks :)

On top of that it's finally the season for berries, which I looooooooove :)
This cake will be perfect for any tea party and I'm sure you could create pretty much any flag using your imagination and some fruits and berries :)
I would love to hear from you, maybe you have some great ideas?

And how do you like my flag-cake?


  1. Replies
    1. It is indeed! Perfect for summer :) Thanks for visiting!

  2. That cake looks beautiful and delicious! Have fun celebrating!

    FEST (food, style & travel)

  3. I love this! It looks delicious.


    1. It was fun to make :) Thanks for visiting!


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