Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby shower gift / DIY onesies decoration

by Karolina, 27th May 2012

This will be my last post about this baby shower - I promise :)
I have a little problem with classification of this one because it is decoration and baby shower gift at the same time.

I was inspired by this amazing baby clothes bouquet by Hello Bee

But as I wanted the gift to be part of the decoration as well,so  I came up with this idea:

This is my self-standing onesies bouquet :)

So what do you need to make it?
- onesies - you can colour coordinate, keep all in one colour or just mix and match (as I did)
- wooden skewers
- rubbers
- polystyrene
- gift wrap
- leaves

How to do it?
- roll each onesie into rose shape
- keep the shape by tying with the rubber
- insert the wooden skewer into your "rose" for a stem
- wrap your polystyrene with gift wrap
- insert your onesie flowers into the polystyrene
- add leaves for additional touch (add them in the last minute to ensure they don't wilt)

It made a lovely decoration of the table at after the party "mum to be" took it with her :)

I'm really happy how they've come out.
How do you like it?

And little lovely MUM now :)
Lovely Nina was born 2 days ago and both her and her mummy are feeling good.

So now, this bouquet is for new mum - Happy Mother's Day! (in Poland it was yday, 26th May)

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