Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer chocolates...

by Karolina, 26th July 2012

Nice chocolates, no?

OK, I have to be honest...these are not really chocolates...
These are my summer chocolates :)
Packed with fruits, yoghurt and what makes is even more appropriate for summer - they're COLD!
So, probably I should have called it frozen yoghurt in form of chocolates...but "summer chocolates" sounds better. Don't you think?

Why did I make it?
Because summer is like box of chocolates :)

To be honest, I had some leftover blueberry smoothie which didn't fit into the bottle....and then this amazingly thought came to my mind..."Where is my chocolate mold?".
That's how these little babies came to life.
And you know what....I loved it :)

Because it was pretty much an improvisation, I can't give you exact measurements when it comes to the amounts of needed ingredients...but I'll give you rough idea. I hope you don't mind too much and this will actually push you to experiment a little bit.
So, for summer chocolates (yes, I still think it's a good name) you'll need:
- blueberries (handful or 2)
- natural yoghurt (best would be Greek one)
- honey or sugar (to taste)

Blend all together , making sure that you have smooth cocktail. Pour into silicon chocolate mould or silicon ice mould. Freeze...(a few hours should be enough)

And what to do with these?
Well...You can of course fool everyone around that these are real chocolates and wait until they bite in.... :)
OK, just an idea ;)

But even better will be to :
- add it instead of ice-cream on top of your warm  pie and watch how it slowly melts...mmmm
- put it on top of fruits (for example bananas) for extra creaminess
- blend a few of them for instant cold smoothie goodness
- mix in with your muesli and milk for added flavour

Just a few ideas...

I'm pretty sure you can come up with some more (I'd love to hear about them - so please put a comment below).

Have some "summer chocolates" with me!

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