Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What a cookie!

by Karolina, 31st July 2012

Quite a cookie actually...
Just look at it!

It is the biggest cookie I've ever made. And all because of my lovely boyfriend. I got this huuuuuuuge cookie form from him for my birthday (which was quite a while back actually). But now, at last, I used it.
And you know what? I LOVE IT! I could make a giant cookie every day...
Btw, it would be absolutely amazing excuse - "but I only had 1 cookie" :)

This cookie is made using the recipe from absolutely amazing Sweetapolita. If you don't know her blog you should visit her asap! Her pictures and amazing creations raise the sugar level in my blood!

Sweetapolita gives us the recipe for Perfect Sugar Cookie. And indeed great cookie it is.
I used this recipe while making my giant cookie and it worked.
Of course, baking time is much longer (mine took about 25-30 minutes) - but this will depend on the size of your cookie.

I won't be writting down the recipe as you can simply just head to Sweetapolita for this one. 
I totally agree with her that chilling the dough makes huge difference and makes work with sugar cookie dough much easier and faster. 
In this case I didn't have to worry about cutting the shapes but I tried this recipe on different shapes - big and small and it worked great as well. 

So, cookie(s) and milk anyone?

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