Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's raining babies!

by Karolina, 2nd December 2012

In the last few months quite a few of my friends have become mothers or future mums.
I don't know if there's something in the air but babies seem to show up like mushrooms after the rain :)

And in our family we have one VIP (very important pregnancy :)) - my sister's!
I can't really imagine that in a few weeks my little sister will be a mum...

Because of this special event coming, I was in charge of baby shower...a surprise baby shower.
I won't be telling you about all the logistics around it.. let's just say it that it required a lot of work and ideas to keep it secret (special thanks here to Dad, Pawel and Bartek). But we managed!!!

I'll tell you more about the party in the next few posts, but today, I wanted to share quick DIY.

The theme of the party was clouds and I made this cute cloud mobile for the occasion:

All you need to make it is:
- wreath
- cotton (to cover the wreath)
- paper (for clouds)
- socks
- thread, wool or ribbon

Step 1
Cover the wreath with cotton or wool and secure with thread.

Step 2
Prepare the socks by filling it with cotton or paper and then tie the pieces of thread or ribbon to it.
Cut the clouds out of thick paper, make a hole in each of them and tie the ribbon or thread.

Step 3
Tie the socks and clouds to the prepared wreath.
Hang it (in my case from the chandelier) using ribbons.

That's the final product.
And what's even better, it's the gift at the same time- socks make a lovely gift for future mum. 
Do you want to make it extra special? Fill the socks with additional gifts - sweets, small trinkets, money etc.

 How do you like it?
I'd love to hear from you!


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