Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's raining babies!...Dessert table

by Karolina, 12th December 2012

Today's the time to show you the dessert table I made for my sister's baby shower.
The colour scheme was blue and yellow.
So check it out:
Above I featured some details of the table.
My favourite - lemon cake the lemon! (I'll post the recipe soon).
Then cute small bottles with mix of juices with pretty striped straws.
Because it was a baby shower, I couldn't skip these lovely milk bottle sweets.
And last but not least tea cupcakes with mascarpone and flower made of dried pineapple.

But that was not all :) I loooooooooove dessert, there's more :)
Here you can see a bit more overall look and feel of the table.
I added some yogurt covered dried fruits and nuts in the apothecary jars.
My mum prepared yummy chocolate filled yeast dough cake :) And after a few perturbations and a bit of search, I added two-tone blue jelly with cream. I really like the jeweled tones of it!
How do you like the backdrop?

Do you think it's all?
Of course not!
There's more :) Yes, I wish you were there as well ;)

Here are a few extras:
- chocolate dipped mandarins
- cotton candy in a biiiiiiiig vase :)
- creme brulee spoons
OK, even I have a bit of sugar rush now....
I think it's enough sweets for today. What do you think?

I'll try to post a few of the recipes here in coming weeks.
But if you're particularly interested in some of them, drop me a note or comment below and I'll share with you straight away!

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