Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ciao Roma!

by Karolina, 15th April 2012

Have you ever been to Rome?
A few weeks ago I visited Rome for the very first time. We had only couple of days to discover "ethernal city" but it was enough to feel the athmosphere and visit most important sites.
And one thing is sure - I will be back :)

Although a bit chaotic, Rome enchanted me with its cafes, elegant people and history which can be found on every corner.
What suprised me, is the fact that Rome is actually quite walkable. Obviously you need very comfy shoes for all day sigh-seeing. But hey - you can buy some shoes there, if needed (every excuse is good to buy some shoes :))
Would you like to have a walk in Rome with me?
Let's go then. I'll be your guide:

quite obviously, Colosseum


I wonder if anyone uses this letter box anymore? Charming!

fountain opposite Spanish Steps

When I saw it I just couldn't resist - via di Panico!!! Priceless :)

Rome is definitely stylish...

I hope you liked our little wandering in Rome...
Ciao Roma - I'll be back :)


  1. beautiful pictures... hope I could visit Rome sometime too

    1. Thanks a lot :) You should definitely visit- fingers crossed for that!
      Thanks for stopping by - I hope you'll be guest on my blog again :)


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