Monday, April 23, 2012

St George's Day

by Karolina, 23rd April 2012

It's St George's Day today,celebrated by several countries including England where St George is the patron saint. You must not mix it up though - it's English holiday (although not public holiday), not Welsh, not Scottish either. English but not British...I know it's complicated, if you're interested check out this site.
England was my home for over 3 years and I have to say that it's still quite dear to me (despite some small inconveniences & a few flaws).
And I will say it out loud - despite bad reputation- some of the best food I ever had was in Britain. Yes- believe it or not, but there's some really good food out there. OK, I admit, if you filter it down to fish & chips with vinegar, bacon butties & mushy doesn't look that good at the first sight.
But if you look under the pre-packed, frozen aisle surface you can find amazing gems.
And I'm not even talking about British chefs who are showing modern British cuisine to the world (and to British themselves) like Heston Blumenthal, Nigella Lawson or James Martin (and endless others), but there are lovely British blogs around which show that British is not "yuck" but "yummy" :)

My Favourite spots for checking what's cooking British are:

And here are some of my favourite British classics, I'd like to share with you
(singing Jerusalem or Rule Brittania while cooking is not necessary :))

1.Trifle via Moonlit Kitchen
2.Scones with strawberry jam (perfect with tea) via Bananamondaes
3. Beef Wellington via BBC Good Food
4.British gone lux- Beef with beer and roasted onion sauce, mini yorkshire pudding, horseradish flavoured potato puree, oyster mushroom, spring onions and turnip via Almond Corner
5. Phesant with wilted watercress via British Larder


  1. Thanks for the mention Karolina!

  2. You're very welcome :) Your blog and recipes are great! Thanks for inspiration :)


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