Thursday, April 5, 2012

OMG! It's Easter already!!!

by Karolina, 5th April 2012

Is it only me, or time just flies lately?
Before I managed to turn my head around 2012, it's already Easter breathing on my neck!
Sooo much to do, sooo little time!!!!
Do you know this feeling when it's 2 days before holidays and you have no gifts, no decorations and actually you feel like closing yourself in the closet and wait there until it's all over? Yep, been there...done that... but didn't get the T-shirt :)

Don't panic!

Everything will be ok...

I prepared for you a few ideas for homemade Easter hostess gifts which:
1. you can prepare veeeeery quickly (between choosing the dress & finishing make-up)
2. are easy (you won't ruin your manicure :))
3. are rather budget friendly (but you won't look like a cheapskate)

Stop biting your nails and follow me then :)

If you really,really don't have time, why don't you take some Spring flowers and dress them accordingly

I took this cute green dots crepe paper because it's playful and kind of "Springy".
But try all kind of colour combinations - depending on the flowers you have.
I finished with green ribbon for coordinated look, but again it's up to your imagination.

You have more than 5 minutes?

OK, why not to try this:

OK, wine is rather standard hostess gift...and yes plain bottle of Chardonnay is not really the most creative gift...
But what if you add some Easter spirit to it?

I printed out the silhouette of Easter bunny and cut it out. Then stuck it to the bottle and...Voila!
You want more - write a few nice words or Easter wishes on the paper - that will transform your wine from "yet another bottle" to "wow, that's so nice of you" :)

Do you want to go one step further?

Take the cut-out silhouette of the bunny, stick it to the bottle and spray with some paint (I had white left over from other project - that's why it's white). Leave it for half an hour or so to dry....And ready - your special Easter wine bottle is there. Finish off with some ribbon or Easter egg and it's fully dressed up.

I told you, easy-peasy :)

Bear with me...tomorrow, I'll show you an edible Easter gift!

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