Thursday, April 19, 2012

Strawberry fields...(with rosemary)

by Karolina, 19th April 2012

Spring is here!!! Yay!!!
Spring symbolizes for me everything nice and pretty - my birthday, flowering fruit trees, sun rays waking up all creatures and plants around, new and colourful fruits and veggies...
I could probably give up all other seasons for Spring - mild & nice Spring.
Are you fan of Spring as well?

I would like to show you today little breakfast/dessert recipe.
It's a celebration of my favourite colour - Red :) and even better - it has strawberries in!

I like in this recipe for its simplicity but at the same time refined taste.
It combines cheese (Philadelphia style or any similar cheese), strawberries and....rosemary syrup.
Yep...rosemary, you read it right. 
First time I tasted combination of sweet with rosemary was in cute little cafe in Krakow where they served raspberry mousse with rosemary. It intrigued me...I tried it..and I was caught...Absolutely exquisite combination!
So this time I decided to try it in a little bit different combination.
You know what you're thinking - rosemary syrup - it sounds like some awful cough syrup.I promise - it is not. It smells divine and is excellent addition to cocktails and fruits.

First the syrup - really easy to make.
I usually do in proportions 1:1 - sugar + water and add a few sprigs of rosemary. Let it simmer until the sugar is dissolved, cool down, take out rosemary and...ready :)
Check the recipes for simple rosemary syrup here or here

Once we have syrup ready...time for yummy cheese delight

Strawberry cheese with rosemary syrup

250 g cheese
a few strawberries
2-3 tbs rosemary single syrup

Mix the cheese to fluff it a bit, add syrup spoon by spoon until well combined. 
Cut strawberries into chunks or slices and add to the cheese mixture. 
If you like it very sweet sprinkle with confectionery sugar.


Tell me how you like it. 
I'm really, really curious how you'd like the combination of fruit and rosemary syrup.  
This will be excellent with rasberries too...I'll definitely try when raspberries will be in season.

Bon appetit!


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