Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby shower...or Miss Pea party / part 1

by Karolina, 12th May 2012

Finally I'm able to share with you the details of baby shower I organized for my lovely lovely friend who very soon will have a baby.
This was surprise party and unlike "surprise parties" this was actually 100% surprise for mom-to-be :) My partner in crime was my friend's husband who helped me gather all best friends and women close to my friend's heart. It was quite difficult operation taking the fact the I live not only in different city but actually in different country than my friends. To make is funnier, we had to move the party to earlier date, because there was a big chance that in originally planned she might be already a mum or in labour ;)
However, we managed at the end. My parents were very kind to "borrow" their lovely house for the party and my mum and sister helped with last minute preparations (big kiss for that :*).

The main theme I chose was....peas :) Why? Because future parents were calling their future child from the beginning of pregnancy "a pea" and when the gender was known- Miss Pea :)
Yay! That definitely made it easier for me to choose the theme, colours and all the rest :)
So "Miss Pea" party it was.
You can expect a lot of green...

...with a bit of white for good measure :)

Stay tuned for more...more food, more decorations...DIY and more baby shower :)

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