Monday, May 14, 2012

Miss Pea Party/ part 2

by Karolina, 14th May, 2012

Today I'd like to show you the savoury table from Miss Little Pea Part.
Yes, we had 2 tables - appetizer table and dessert table. I appreciate that not everyone has a sweet tooth (like me :)), or maybe is on a diet or just fancy something which doesn't include chocolate, cream & sugar.
So today, some chosen appetizers, made especially for Miss Pea baby shower, but actually they would be great for any kind of party:

This is the general look and feel - centerpiece was a bouquet of white flowers with loads of green leaves around. Above the table was big garland of white baloons, undortunately you can't really see it properly on any of the pictures :( For the rest I kept it simple not to disturb too much from food which on its own was table decoration.
So, a few things that made it to this table:
This is my favourite - cold pea soup with bacon crackers. A little sweet, a little spicy and salty. Yummy! Perfect for summer party. Recipe (slightly changed) from Taste of Beirut .

Next on my plate - super healthy crudites with dip. To make it a bit special the dip is in a cabbage - real one (very appropriate for baby shower, if you ask me ;))

To continue "good for you" feeling before "naughty desserts"...
 ...cucumber cups with ricotta with dried tomato. Yes it's as easy as it sounds but looks lovely.

One of my party favourites - puff pastry pinwheels. Here with pesto, to keep with green theme of the party. But you can experiment with any filling you can think of.
Something fishy for a change - little crostini with ricotta and salmon. And of course chives and rucola - they always make dishes look nicer :)
And for the end...not so healthy....
....herb&spices popcorn. Assortment of homemade popcorn with different herbs and spices - oregano and basil, curry powder and chili powder. Popcorn for any taste and always a crowd-pleaser.

There were some more dishes including couple of salads and baked pasta with cheese. But above ones were definitely my favourites.

And how do you like my appetizer table for Miss Pea party?
I hope I inspired you a little :)

Coming next...desserts!


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