Friday, May 4, 2012

Hola Amigos!

by Karolina, 5th May 2012

Time for fiesta amigos :)
It's Cinco de Mayo tomorrow...ok, some of you are just asking - so what? 5th May, nothing special...
But it is a special day for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. The 5th May is commemorating the battle of Puebla where highely outnumbered Mexican army defeated a much better-equipped French army. This is as well a day in USA when Mexican heritage is celebrated. And of course it's a perfect excuse for a few margaritas! :)  So put on sombrero and get ready for fiesta mexicana!
Of course the most popular Cinco de Mayo parties include tortilla, buritto, nachos and guacamole.
However, I wanted to propose you a few sweet things to accompany your margarita:

1.Fruit Tacos with Chocolate Tortillas via Munchin with Munchkin
2.Churros Cupcakes with Salted Dulce De Leche Sauce via Bakingdom
3.Coconut stuffed limes from MySweetMexico cookbook via
4.Pinata cookies by  at She Knows

Enjoy your fiesta!
Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

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